Chris Kintucky Presents​.​.​.

by Chris Kintucky and the Durango Kids... and the Good 'ol Boys

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Split EP featuring country music from Chris Kintuky and Next Level Grunge from Kid Durango.


released 17 January 2014
Tracks 1 and 2 written, recorded, and produced by Kid Durango
Tracks 3 and 4 written by, recorded and produced by Chris Kintucky and the Durango Kids.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Kid Durango - Over
don't Bite your nose to spite your face
but I could live without my hand for all the rest of my days
if I knew it was buried
Around your neck

covert is covert
but I'd want you to know it
it's said behind your back
and I'm just repeating the facts

this isn't over
you thought it was over?
you can say what you say
but the past doesn't stay in the past

This is over
you thought it was over
and if I see you in the streets
believe its gonna be your ass
this is my vow

you cant amount to anything
but you can count on believing
that all of your dreams are
you don't create
you just consume
maybe that's why
you're so aloof
when you laugh with a room that's
laughing at you


There's no way to insult you
more than you already have
but for this kids in the back waiting for the attack
they deserve their money back

Track Name: Kid Durango - #OWS4L fea: Basick Sickness
Eight days a week
We Hate laze and sleep
we earn what you keep
while you crave and creep
we live on the street
no justice no peace

You can't take it with you
But you'll get what we give you
a tombstone and all it says was
Here Lies Lies

Your ideas be damned
and soon you will too
from the greediest class
the generation of boom
we are younger
we are on the move
putting your selfish demands
to rest with you in your tomb

And on my tombstone I want it to bleed
so it will represent everything I thought I could be
and though I worked like a slave
and tried all of my dreams
I paid the final cost
and lost all this to me
The American Dream
such a grandiose scheme
even the rich need more
there will never be peace
we are never content
we are filled with contempt
and we blame the other fucker
cause our lives are all spent

So Ima burn Ima send it to hell
And I don't really know what
but I know that I will
know if I fail
then Ima pray to get up
even if I was outnumbered
getting jumped by you fucks
Track Name: Chris Kintucky - Golgotha II (twangcore remix)
is what you told them you were here for
is what they put thorns in your hair for
lets talk reasonable
and execution people cheer cheer for
you talk
and I kill
and you're the one the people fear more

If it's your own people that aim to kill you
then who are you fighting for?
and if the words that they say you say are true
then why can't you breathe anymore

See those who
put you here
had a difference in opinion
you you die
and they cheer
cause your not the savior they envisioned
if you can
save the lost
I suggest you do it right now
climb off
your fucking cross
and show the world how well you fight now


Look at you
it's afternoon
do you know what they do?
When you don't die soon?
look at you
it's afternoon
I'll tell you
what they do

They break your legs
so you cant breath
they break your legs
so you cant run away

Track Name: Chris Kintucky - Country Love Song
Pretty eyes
sometimes cry
you know
you'd think I want to see it again and again
but late at night
past supper time she says:
"I'd think you'd rather be out with your friends"
but I know me
I'll never change
and sometimes honey
yeah, I want a shot of whiskey
over and over again

and it
Just goes to show what could happen in those deep dark country nights.
We like to drink to the point where we black out through most of the night.
And it ain't quite a good time
until you get into a fight
I can be such a hick sometimes

Distant eyes
give faraway cries
when I'm out at night, my thoughts to you I'll send
and just pretend I'm home in bed
I mean we'd only be sleeping anyway

and darling please
let me be
and mind the baby do the wash and I'll be home before breakfast time